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What will your drivers to in order to will be able to pick up your on-board device from the chosen Distribution Point

  1. The driver asks for a registered post-pay on-board-unit
    (in Czech: [Prosim o vydani REGISTROVANE premid jednostcy.])
  2. The driver presents his driving license, passport; vehicle registration documents and says the name of the company.
  3. The Distribution Point’s employee calls PREMID Hotline to get the number of the contract signed by the company. The driver can ask in Czech: [Cislo uctu k memu vozidlu ziskate na Premid Call Centre]
  4. The Distribution Point’s employee gives ready-to-work on-board-unit to driver.

Make sure that when picking the onboard units your driver has the following documents:

1.Certificate of Company Incorporation

  • Not older than three months
  • Certified by respective authorities

2.Valid ID of the Vehicle Operator Representative (e.g. Company Director or Member of the Board, mentioned in the Certificate of Company Incorporation)

3.Vehicle registration certificate

  • Vehicle Operator
  • Vehicle Owner
  • License plate
  • Emission class
  • Number of Axles

4.Power of Attorney (in case the agreement is signed by a person other than the official Company Representative listed in the Certificate of Company Incorporation)