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  1. Fill out and send us the registration form for post-pay mode. Find more information here.
  2. We will inform you when you can pick up the new post-pay OBUs from any Distribution Point in Czech Republic
  3. Before receiving the new post-pay boxes, your drivers must return their old pre-pay OBU. This can be done individually, truck by truck, at any Distribution Point. It is not necessary that all the OBUs of your company are replaced at once.
  4. Once the pre-pay box is returned, the station staff will put it in status “2 - Terminated”. The deposit and any prepaid amount still “available” in the box will be credited to you, using the same euroShell Card information that were used to obtain the pre-paid box that you are now changing.
  5. The station staff will then call the Premid Call Centre, to re-activate the new post-pay box. It is recommended that the driver communicates the relevant contract ID to the station staff, to speed up identification process.
  6. Once the post-pay OBU has been activated, you will be charged with a new deposit (1,550 CZK) and your drivers start using the new device.
  7. If any vehicle-related data needs to be changed in the future, the OBU needs to be returned and personalized again.
  8. If any company-related data (e.g., company name, address registration, or contact details) need to be updated, this can be done via the electronic interface between Shell and Kapsch. You just need to communicate these changes to Shell. It is not necessary to return the OBU.